What is Select Series?

Book a Select Series vehicle (not currently available in the UK) and the car you pick is the car you get. On the rare occasion we're unable to provide the exact model, we'll refund its cost. We understand you'll still need the extras you chose for your journey, so these won't be refunded. In addition to a refund for your hire vehicle, you will also receive another hire car. We will try our best to provide you with an equally premium model, dependent upon availability. Remember to book your vehicle at least 72 hours ahead to ensure we have time to prepare your desired model. Unfortunately we can't guarantee you will get to drive the exact model you desire any sooner than this. Any refund is therefore subject to you booking at least 72 hours before your journey.

Don't forget to review the terms and conditions when you book, which include everything you need to know ahead of your journey.

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