How much is the excess charge?

Your excess is your financial responsibility, or amount you would pay, in the event of damage or theft occurring to the vehicle. The amount you pay depends on the vehicle you hire, which country you hire it in and whether you choose to reduce the excess by upgrading your level of cover. When you hire a vehicle with us, you'll automatically receive third party, vehicle damage (Collision Damage Waiver) and vehicle theft cover to safeguard you on your journey. If you book on the US website you may find that vehicle damage and vehicle theft cover are not included, as some American credit cards provide insurance for car hire. Third party cover is the basic level you need to hire a vehicle, that's why we always include it. Should you damage another vehicle or passengers and their property, you won't have to pay for repairs or injuries. But, if you damage the vehicle you will still need to pay a fixed excess fee unless you upgrade your cover. Find out how much you pay depending on what you hire and where you hire it. We also offer Personal Accident Insurance in case you're injured in an accident. 

Don't forget to review the terms and conditions when you book, which include everything you need to know ahead of your journey.

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