Brexit: Will I need additional documents when renting in the EEA following the UK leaving the EU?

Avis cannot guarantee whether rental procedures for UK customers hiring in the EU and EEA will change or remain the same after leaving the EU. During the transition period of the UK leaving the EU, you don't need to do anything as we'll take care of the usual paperwork on your behalf. We will do our utmost to ensure that UK customers, like all our customers, will be able to hire vehicles at any of our thousands of global locations securely and with ease. Following leaving the EU on 31st of January 2021 the following changes may apply to UK customers:

  • UK drivers may need an international driving permit (IDP) to drive in the EU and EEA.
  • Visitors with EU driving licences will not need an IDP to drive in the UK.
  • UK drivers may need a GB sticker on the vehicle even if the vehicle has a Euro-plate (a number plate displaying both the EU flag and a GB sign).
  • You may not need a GB sticker to drive outside the UK if the number plate features the GB sign, without the EU flag.

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